Regeneration Program

ProRegen is a pure plant-based cleansing treatment. It cleanses the organism, improves digestive function, activates regenerative processes, supports weight-loss and overall rejuvenation. It is essentially a milder form of fasting, but with similar effects. The best results are visible after two weeks of use.

What is ProRegen?

ProRegen is a pure plant-based diet that helps you cleanse your body, lose weight, refresh yourself and rejuvenate. It is a moderate form of fasting and has similar effects on the body. A greatly reduced calorie intake activates the process of regeneration, supports rejuvenation and prolongs life. The best results are visible after two weeks of use.

The ProRegen program includes dried powdered herbs wrapped in paper sachets, seaweed and sundried green filtered clay.

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What is ProRegen used for?

The human body is frequently exposed to the negative effects of poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyles and environmental conditions. Although the body has its own self-purifying mechanisms, it cannot continuously remove the waste from the body it accumulates in individual organs and cells, resulting in obesity and numerous other health problems. As well as healthy nutrition and regular exercise, regular cleansing—detoxification of the organism is very important. Just as we take regular care of our external bodily hygiene, it is essential to take care of our internal hygiene. Fasting was a method of treatment used by Hippocrates and was known even in ancient Egypt. (Half of what we eat keeps us alive, the other half keeps the doctor alive – ancient Egyptian text). Fasting is the deliberate reduction of solid food and calorie intake. Medical science today confirms that eating large amounts of food and weight-gain shorten life, whereas low food consumption is healthy and can even prolong life.

ProRegen helps the body remove accumulated toxins, old and sick cells, salts and other metabolites. A body saturated with toxins can show a wide range of symptoms: fatigue, foul odour, flatulence, impure skin, weight gain, irritability, premature ageing and the occurrence of many civilization diseases. Our main detoxication organs are the intestines, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs and skin. ProRegen helps cleanse all these organs, rids the body of accumulated phlegm and fat, which are the main refuge for infectious deposits. Healthy and regular purification is a major step on the road to better health and happier living. If detoxification is done correctly, it can lead the way to transforming the human mind and psyche.

How do I start?

For the cleansing programme to be successful, the health of the organism, precise dosage and procedure must be considered. The cleansing programme can be undertaken by people with experience or under the guidance of an adequately experienced person. For people with no experience, we recommend the ProLon programme. If you have any apparent health problems, you can start the cleansing programme only if recommended by your physician.

1 Duration
5 days


If you’ve had poor eating habits up to now, it’s time to switch to eating light vegan food with an adequate intake of fibre, raw fruit and especially vegetables. Eat fruit on an empty stomach, vegetable salads, steamed vegetables, seeds, nuts, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, and whole-grain rice. Do not forget about a sufficient intake of liquid, such as water and herbal teas.

2 Duration
Two days

ProRegen cleansing fasting programme

(proceed according to the enclosed instructions)
Do not consume any solid food during this stage! After three days, the body will start removing toxic substances. We can help it with dry massages, alternating showers, mild saunas and exercise—walks in fresh air everyday are important and should be for at least half an hour.



When transitioning from fasting to liquid meals, only drink fruit and especially vegetables juices for the first three days, then consume pureed food such as smoothies, mashes, creamy soups, vegetables with small amounts of added cereals, legumes and seeds, and return gradually to “normal” healthy food, meaning no cured meats, ready-made foods, processed and ground products, sweets, foods made with white flour. Include plenty of seasonable vegetables in the diet, up to 400 g, and if possible, locally sourced.

I am interested in ProRegen

What do I get?

More energy and feeling of lightness

Smoother and cleaner skin

Weight loss and rejuvenation

Inspiration for a better and healthier lifestyle

Better mobility and flexibility

Improved psyche

Reduced fatigue

Side effects

You may feel some weakness, headaches, hunger or palpitations. These symptoms usually disappear after 3–4 days.


The cleansing programme should not be undertaken by pregnant or breastfeeding women, weaker elderly persons, convalescents, young children, people suffering infectious or degenerative diseases (tuberculosis, AIDS, diabetes, serious liver and kidney diseases, etc.), persons who cannot have a low-calorie diet. In the case of symptoms of illness, only by recommendation from a physician. Drinking alcohol and smoking is not recommended. Coffee consumption should be reduced to the minimum.

Medical science has shown that excessive food intake and weight-gain shortens our lives, while low food intake is healthy and actually prolongs life.

See what the ProLon program contains and how it can help you become a healthier version of yourself.

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