Vita Verde

We chose the name Vita Verde or Green Life because it is a symbol for a happy, content and full life. To us, it also symbolizes youth, beauty and continuous development.

We are a professional team passionate about our work to offer you the best services. Our aim is to give you a moment of rest, relief from pain, touch and care. As well as detoxifying treatments, we also specialize in various forms of massage, cosmetic care and healthy lifestyle consulting at the Vita Verde centre in Nitra.

Who established Vita Verde?

“My name is Dana Marciová and I established the Vita Verde centre in Nitra. Good health, a full life without limitations and simply being fit throughout my entire life have been my goals since I was young.

Achieving these goals has led me to discover many ways of staying healthy. My key step was a course in reflexive therapy with the Pataky couple and opening the first centre in 2003. I discovered that without the three basic pillars of nutrition, exercise and a content mind, good health cannot be achieved.

I have taken courses in nutritional consultancy, wellness and Pilates instruction. My most valuable resources though are still my own experience and the results my clients and I have achieved.”

Medical science has shown that excessive food intake and weight-gain shortens our lives, while low food intake is healthy and actually prolongs life.

See what the ProLon program contains and how it can help you become a healthier version of yourself.

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